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Programme Updates 10 December 2010

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NCC Education prides itself on offering the best support to its Centres and the most up-to-date material. Centres can then pass this competitive edge along to their students to better prepare them for employment. Here are the last major changes implemented to our programmes.

  • New version of Computer Pioneers available for Windows 7 users: this was developed to ensure that users of more recent operating systems can take full advantage of the Computer Pioneers programme
  • Release of updated ELF 3-5 materials: now based on textbooks that are much easier and cost-efficient to source.  Improved materials provide greater support for students and their lecturers
  • Release of updated AE materials for ICB/IFY: based on constructive feedback from Accredited Partner Centres the teaching materials have been revised with a particular focus on providing tutorial material to support student learning
  • Customer consultation on the new IT diplomas completed and development is now underway: the development of the IT diplomas will ensure updated curriculum and completely rewritten materials.  This will make the programmes more relevant for university education and employment
  • Updates to IDB/IADB modules Marketing, PQM, BC, TO and ME are currently underway and the new materials are expected to be released in Feb 2011: modules are completely reviewed and rewritten with full lecturer and student support. This will greatly improve the student learning experience
  • University of Hertfordshire accept the free NCC Education HEPT (Higher English Placement Test) for proof of English Language level on entry to the MSc following the PgD SBIT: previously students have required separate IELTS certification to enter the MSc component of the MSC Strategic Business Information Systems if they did not meet other entry requirements for English.  The University of Hertfordshire will now accept students who have passed the free NCC Education Higher English Placement Test removing the need for, and expense of, external certification of English ability.