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Fundamentals for Professional Development

Fundamentals provides professional learning content that is easily accessible and enables you to engage with it in a variety of informal settings.

With simple and clear topics, guided narration and easy-on-the-eye text and graphics, learning a Fundamentals module can be viewed whilst on your way to work, in the gym or even in your kitchen at home.

Discover our Courses

Data Science

The Data Science Module will give you an opportunity to explore the need for Data Science by understanding its definition and significance to organisations.

Internet of Things (IoT)

This module will aid your exploration in the history of internet evolution, the convergency of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), and the eventual emergence of the term Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital Transformation

This module will help you grasp the distinctions made between digitisation and digital transformation and observe how the pandemic has driven the transformation at an even greater pace. You’ll be able to identify career opportunities and how to measure the success of digital transformation within your own projects or initiatives.

Cloud Computing

This module will aid your exploration in the different types of cloud deployment and the multi-cloud model and be able grasp concepts such as Cloud Computing Architecture. This will also include understanding terms such as virtualisation and how this distinguishes itself from Cloud Computing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This module will aid your exploration in understanding the common tools and platforms used for artificial intelligence (AI), the importance of algorithms and also ethics in the development of AI.

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