Strategic Cooperation Agreement - NCC Education

Strategic Cooperation Agreement 17 November 2009

The Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by NCC Education and Study Group: IFY students can apply to UK universities without an IELTS score.

NCC Education is delighted to announce that a Strategic Cooperation Agreement was reached in August 2009 with Study Group. Study Group is a company that runs International Foundation Year (IFY), Foundation Diplomas and Pre-Master’s programmes on UK university campuses.

On 8th September 2009, Mr. Michael Bartlett, Global Recruitment Director of Study Group, Mr. Matthew Coles, Recruitment Manager, China and representatives from Beijing and Guangzhou visited the NCC Education East Asia office and held a thorough discussion on how to create better further study routes for the students in NCC Education Accredited Partner Centres in China with Ms. Sherry Zhou, Senior Manager, NCC Education East Asia Office.

Study Group representatives will be visiting various NCC Education Accredited Partner Centres in China, to introduce students to the features and advantages of the shortcut to well-known UK universities. Through Study Group, students who are awarded IFY certificates can progress directly to the first year of an undergraduate course at Keele University or the University of Huddersfield, without having an IELTS score.