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Safe Sha Training LTD


Safe Sha Training, Mauritius

Safe Sha Training Institute has been delivering IT courses in Mauritius since it was established in 2012.  The institute provides training for a wide range of learners, including IT professionals who want to upgrade their skill levels, students who want to enter the IT industry and younger learners. They have a particular focus on encouraging female learners to enter the IT market.  

Safe Sha Training Institute adopts a variety of training methods to help its learners develop solid skills and knowledge, including training courses, seminars, workshops and conferences.  Apart from IT education, the institute also provides consultancy services to start-up companies and organisations.  

Qualifications offered

Digi Explorers

Digi Explorers is the first computing programme for primary school students. Students are introduced to Scratch programming language.


Digi Navigators

Digi Navigators is the second stage computing programme for young learners. Students are introduced to Python programming language.


Digi Trailblazers

Digi Trailblazers is the third computing programme for Secondary school learners. Students are introduced to more advanced Scratch and Python programming lessons.


Level 2 Award in Computing (L2AC)

The NCC Education Level 2 Award in Computing is an Ofqual regulated qualfication. It is the highest level Computing programme for Secondary school learners and is included in the UK Regulated Qualifications Framework at Level 2 (the same level as all IGCSE qualifications). Students’ coding skills are strengthened with more advanced Python lessons and introduction lessons in Java.

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The best way to predict your future is to create it.  

“We believe Digi can help you grow within the fields of IT. Let’s go Digi! 

- Sameera Koyratty, Chief Executive Officer