Summer 2020 Assessment Cycle Guidance - NCC Education

Summer 2020 Assessment Cycle Guidance 24 April 2020

Dear students,
Firstly, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe. All of us at NCC Education understand how undeniably challenging it has been for you all over the past several weeks and we wanted to write to you in order to relieve some of the anxiety you may be feeling about your assessments this summer.


We wanted to let all of you know that we are doing everything we can to provide you with marks for your exams this summer. Our goal is to make sure none of you are disadvantaged and your progress to university, the next step in your degree journey or employment is not affected because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


To award you with marks this summer, your assignments will be unchanged, and you are expected to complete them remotely and submit them to your centres as normal. If you feel that you are unable to complete any assignments due to the current crisis, please contact your centre who will give us information on any exceptional circumstances we need to consider.


To be awarded marks for your exams, your centre will be asked to send us the marks they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned. To do this, you centre will consider a range of things such as classwork, assignments, mock or past paper exams scores, work produced remotely since the centre has been teaching online, any external tests, and your general progress throughout the course. This information will be confidential. Please do not ask your lecturers, or anyone else at your centre, to tell you the marks they will be sending to us.


Once we receive these predicted marks, we will standardise them across all our centres, to make sure that results are fair and that students are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged. Following this process, your marks will be confirmed and released to your centres on 24th July 2020. Please be reassured that the marks you get this summer will have equal status with universities, colleges and employers, to help you move forward in your lives as planned.


Should you not wish to receive predicted marks in the summer cycle, please notify your centre who will be able to delay your exams to a later date, with NCC Education’s next assessment cycle scheduled this Autumn.


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With all of our best wishes

NCC Education