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Student Testimonials

Essam Serry

If someone in 1987, when I joined NCC as a student, have told me that by 2008 I would be holding a Doctorate, travelled the world, taught in world class universities, advised governments about policies, have my own consultancy and research centre just because I studied a course, I would have thought he was joking. This is exactly what happened. Studying with NCC in 1987 and graduating top of my class in 1990 have opened to door wide open for me to achieve all this. Now as a business partner for NCC and with their help, I am trying to give everybody the chance to achieve their dreams as I did. Thanks NCC.

Pratima Gurung

It was a great experience to gain an international qualification living in my native land, while competing with students from different countries.

Muhammed Zubair Ansari

I believe studying with NCC Education was one of my best life decisions. The two year journey went really smoothly and calmly, there were ups and downs but at the end everything was fine and after qualifying for high achievers it was like a dream come true.