Fatema Tuz Johura - NCC Education

Fatema Tuz Johura

Student name: Fatema Tuz Johura

I have completed Level 5 Diploma in Computing and BSc (Hons) in Business in Information Technology. I am deeply grateful to NCC education for providing international level education in Bangladesh. The thing I enjoyed most is the fact that I was able to live among my family and friends and at the same time complete an overseas international standard degree. The way the whole curriculum is designed is absolutely realistic and enjoyable. There was no extra pressure on learning unwanted subjects. I was happy to study all the subjects offered by the NCC Education.

During my study I have learned not only the Computing aspects but also the business issues surrounded with the IT sector. It also taught me how to organise and operate different level of Computing Projects by following Agile Methodology. Over the time I was able to skill myself to work with Web and Database Development, Application Programming and Computer Networking.

Now I’m planning to get employed in a reputed IT company. Using my Computing knowledge and combined with strong analytical and communication skills I want to build my career as a successful member of a company where I can make major participation to achieve benefit for the company and to the welfare of my country.