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Md. Abu Nashir

Student name: Md. Abu Nashir

I recently completed the BIT – Business & Information Technology, and am grateful for the flexible approach I was able to take to my studies at the Daffodil Institute of IT. During my studies I was able to use my spare time to work part-time as a freelance developer using what I had learned in a practical environment from the get go, and I later was also asked to come in as a consultant to a leading software company in Bangladesh.

The course allowed me to quickly learn and implement new approaches to software development and provided a great frame for implementing what we learned with the latest available tools. This has given me a great advantage over students from other programs, as I have already been able to use what I have learnt in real world software development scenarios.


I am now working as the Chief Technical Officer for Impact Services Co Ltd, Thailand where I am heading the software development department and develop solutions for customer service, sales, marketing and online sale products here.


My future plan is to continue developing software and applications that can be sold to an international marketplace, ensuring financial stability and using part of proceeds to develop learning centers for underprivileged children in my home country Bangladesh.