Mhm Munem Maruf-Ur-Rahman - NCC Education

Mhm Munem Maruf-Ur-Rahman


I have completed NCC Education’s International Foundation Year (IFY) at Daffodil Institute of IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This pathway program consists of three levels ultimately leading up to a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology (BIT).The best thing about this program is the recognition and the certified qualification given at each level. Along the IFY level I have managed to acquire knowledge about basic computing and gained some programming skills.

I am currently doing my Level 4 Diploma in Computing (L4DC) and have already completed the first semester. There isn’t much of a pressure on students and the teachers make a friendly and lively environmentfor us that makes us more eager to learn. So far, we have been taught about programming languages, websites, databases, networking and computer system and how each play a role in business hence, making us build our understanding over business and IT combined.

I believe that consistency is the key to success and it worked well for me. And so, I plan to complete my degree in BIT with that consistency, learn as much as I possibly can and make myself more involved in the IT industry.