Nusrat Ahmed Asha - NCC Education

Nusrat Ahmed Asha

Student name: Nusrat Ahmed Asha

I have finished my NCC Education’s IFY and L4DC. Now I have been reading L5DC at DIIT, Bangladesh. The course curriculum of NCC Education is so good because they help me to learn how to cope with the real life IT business world. I have enriched my knowledge in computing, networking, web designing, programming etc. by studying the entire courses which are provided by NCC Education in IFY and L4DC.

Though I am living in Bangladesh, I am able to study such kind of International Level education because of NCC Education. They are very punctual in taking exam and publishing result. For all of these I want to thank NCC Education.

I am very excited to learn new things through new course provided by NCC Education in afterwards levels. My future plan is to complete my Degree in BIT and work in a position of higher standing in a reputed organization’s IT sector.