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Top 10 Reasons to Complete your Degree Online 11 October 2017


1: It’s Cheaper

Studying a UK degree online is much cheaper than studying on campus in the UK, not only are the tuition fees much less (UK universities often charge up to £20,000 per year for international students) but you don’t have travel, visa and living costs to worry about.


2: Study in Your Own Time

Studying online means you can fit it around your other commitments, be it work, family or health, you can effectively set your own timetable.


3: Make Global Connections

A huge benefit to learning online is accessing a network of fellow classmates from all corners of the world and offering the opportunity to learn about lots of different languages and cultures. You will make friends and useful business contacts from multiple locations world-wide.


4: Earn Whilst You Learn

There is no need to take time out from work to study. The flexibility of online learning means that you can continue full time employment whilst studying in your spare time.


5: Study Anywhere

Online platforms allow study via phone or PC/tablet meaning you can study in your bedroom, in a café, a friend’s house or even on holiday or even in the bath!


6: Build Unique Skills

Online study requires more self-motivation and time-management skills than traditional classroom-based learning. As a result, you will learn skills that set you apart from traditional graduates.


7: Employers Like it

Studying whilst working shows employers that you are motivated self-starter with the ambition and practical intelligence to succeed. Traits like that are more likely to get you promoted and are sought after by employers.


8: Universities Like it

Universities have been known to favour scholarship applicants for Masters programmes if they have previously studied online as it shows a good dedication to learning which is highly sought after.


9: Access the Best Teaching from anywhere in the world

Online degree providers tend to select the best teaching staff with a lot of relevant industry experience and academic portfolios. UK teaching staff are experienced UK University academics.


10: Easy to Access, Easy to Apply

The application process is short and simple and access to study, help and support is always at your finger-tips!



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