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KBTC University

KBTC started off by offering exam preparation courses (i.e.) back in 2016. Diplomas courses were introduced subsequently and the student body has grown along the way. KBTC University is well-known for offering a wide range of academic and professional programs in the trendiest areas of specializations with our innovative teaching methods and professional academic staff. We’ve stayed true to our values which is to offer the students the best learning experience in order to gain the expertise; enter and remain competitive in a dynamic community.

KBTC University is one of the subsidiary schools of KBTC Group of Companies Limited, which is comprised of KBTC University, KBTC International Language School and KBTC International School.

Qualifications offered

NCC Education endorse the following KBTC Company Limited programmes:

  1. Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Business/Computing/Engineering (60 Credit)
  2. Level 4 Diploma in Programming (L4 DP) (120 Credit)
  3. Level 4 Diploma in Web and Mobile Application Development (L4 DWM) (120 Credit)
  4. Level 4 Diploma in Software Engineering (L4 DSE) (120 Credit)
  5. Level 4 Diploma in Computer Engineering (L4 DCE) (120 Credit)
  6. Level 4 Diploma in Network Engineering (L4 DNE) (120 Credit)
  7. Level 4 Diploma in Cloud and Server Infrastructure (L4 DCSI) (120 Credit)
  8. Level 4 Diploma in Networks and Cyber Security (L4 DNCS) (120 Credit)
  9. Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Security (L4 DCS) (120 Credit)
  10. Level 4 Diploma in Cyber Defense Operations (L4 DCDO) (120 Credit)
  11. Level 5 Diploma in Advanced Networking and Enterprise Services (L5 DANES) (120 Credit)
  12. Diploma in Small Business Management (DSBM) (60 Credit)
  13. Diploma in Business Management (DBM) (60 Credit)
  14. Diploma in Banking and Finance Management (DBFM) (60 Credit)
  15. Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management (DSMM) (60 Credit)
  16. Diploma in Marketing Management with Digital Marketing (DMMD) (60 Credit)
  17. Diploma in Human Resource Management and Development (DHRMD) (60 Credit)
  18. Diploma in Project Management (DPM) (60 Credit)
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