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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Empower Your Digital Future

Welcome to the digital age, where our lives are increasingly intertwined with the online world. In this era of digital transformation, cybersecurity awareness, and education have never been more critical. NCC Education, a global provider of Higher Education Cybersecurity Pathways, is proud to celebrate Cyber Security Month this October.

We are dedicated to enhancing cybersecurity awareness and creating a secure digital future for all. Join us as we explore the significance of Cybersecurity Month and how you can contribute to a safer online environment.

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Calling All Myanmar Students: Participate in Our Exclusive Video Competition!

We are excited to announce an incredible opportunity for all Myanmar students who possess creativity, talent, and a passion for videography! Our exclusive video competition is now open, and we invite you to participate and showcase your skills. This is your chance to shine and win fantastic prizes while expressing your unique perspective. Read on to learn more about the competition and how you can take part.


Now Extended until 10th August 2023

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10 Years of Advancing Education Together

The partnership between the university and the UK-based Awarding Organisation NCC Education was first established in 2013 with the launch of the BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems top-up degree, delivered 100% online by NCC Education and awarded by The University of Central Lancashire UCLan.

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Mental Health Awareness Week:

In the vibrant world of education, the well-being of our students is a beacon that guides everything we do. In line with Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re taking a moment to shine a spotlight on the importance of mental health support within our partner centres. Just as we nurture academic growth, it’s equally important to foster an environment where mental health is acknowledged, understood, and cared for. After all, student success is not just about grades and achievements, it’s also about promoting resilience, emotional balance, and overall well-being. In this blog, we’ll explore how our partner centres can significantly contribute to this important aspect of student life

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Enriching Global Learning: Pioneer Education Consultant Limited Joins Forces with NCC Education

NCC Education is thrilled to announce that Pioneer Education Consultant Limited, a specialist in providing tailored advice for furthering education abroad or through distance learning, is now an accredited partner centre. Based in Hong Kong, China, Pioneer Education will now expand its educational offerings by delivering NCC Education programmes to its students.

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Expanding Educational Horizons: Yancai Education Training Centre’s Partnership with NCC Education

In a significant stride towards global educational collaboration, NCC Education is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Yancai Education Training Centre. Rooted in its mission to cultivate applied talents with international vision, Yancai Education is now an accredited NCC Education accredited partner centre in China and will be extending the offering of NCC Education programmes to its students.

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Academic Induction Training at Kolej ASA – 9th March 2023

Antoney Cross, Academic Standards Manager at NCC Education, recently embarked on a visit to Kolej ASA, a newly approved Accredited Partner Centre. This trip offered a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, provide academic training to the center’s staff, and solidify the bond between NCC Education and Kolej ASA.

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A Career-Climbing Skill: Project Management

In research recently conducted for the Project Management Institute by the Anderson Economic Group, it was found that 25 million project management professionals will be required in the global economy by 2030; this constitutes a talent gap of 2.3 million people each year to keep up with demand (PMI, 2021).


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UCLan Registration Deadline Approaching

A reminder to all our Accredited Partner Centres and Students: the registration deadline for the Autumn 2022 intake for the BSc (Hons) Business Computing & Information Systems and the BSc (Hons) Cyber Security & Networking top-up degrees validated and awarded by University of Central Lancashire is on Friday 12th August 2022.

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