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PCTL Training Institute’s Special Graduation Event

On Saturday, January 27th, PCTL Training Institute held its Graduation Ceremony, to honour the remarkable achievements of its students. The event was not just an acknowledgment of academic accomplishments but a testament to the dedication and perseverance of these outstanding individuals.

The ceremony was marked by the recognition of global high achievers, Students whose commitment to excellence set them apart.

Students from PCTL who were awarded the NCC Education Global Higher Award were:

  • Preeyal Ramji (L5DBIT): Recognized as a global high achiever, Preeyal’s dedication has brought her to the forefront of academic excellence.
  • Himanshi Chudasama (L3DB): Achieving not only global high achiever status but also securing the remarkable 1st position worldwide is a testament to Himanshi’s unparalleled academic prowess.
  • Abdulatifu Tamba (L3DB): Standing tall as a global high achiever and securing the 1st position globally, Abdulatifu’s achievements reflect the highest standards of academic success.
  • Raus Hezron (L3DB): Acknowledged as a global high achiever, securing the 3rd position worldwide, Raus has demonstrated exceptional dedication to academic excellence.

A special mention goes out to Ilham Mwema, who embarked on her educational journey starting from Level 3 and successfully achieved a bachelor’s degree from UCLan, a true testament to the power of persistence and dedication.

The event’s significance was further underscored by insightful speeches from key figures:

Mr. Malamsha emphasized the pivotal role of NCC Education pathways, sharing that more than 10 employees at PCTL, including the Deputy Principal holding a PhD, are proud products of NCC Education. The impact extends beyond PCTL, with NCC Education graduates occupying key roles in government offices and various parastatals, even working globally after their humble beginnings.

The Guest of Honor, Mis Hawa Said Mwema, shared invaluable advice with students, urging them to navigate the stages of dependence, independence, and interdependence in their studies. She stressed the importance of maintaining focus on goals and utilizing technology as a tool for academic success.

Mr. Shakil Dharamsi delved into the ever-evolving landscape of technology. He emphasized the need for everyone to keep pace with these changes and announced a significant investment of over £16,000 in ensuring students have the right infrastructure for effective study. Mr. Dharamsi expressed his vision to introduce new courses, including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security, aligning education with the demands of the technological era.

The event also provided a platform for esteemed alumni to share their experiences:

Ilham Ally Mwema, a proud UCLan graduate, recounted her journey from the inception of NCC Education to the pinnacle of academic success. She highlighted how what initially seemed like a dream turned into a reality, and now she’s applying the skills acquired through NCC Education programs in her professional life.

Preeyal Ramji, a global high achiever in L5DBIT, expressed gratitude to NCC Education and PCTL for the unwavering support she received. Starting her educational journey from Level 4, Preeyal has now successfully earned a degree.

The PCTL Training Institute’s Graduation Ceremony was not just a culmination of academic achievements; it was a celebration of the institute’s commitment to nurturing global leaders. The success stories, the impactful speeches, and the recognition of high achievers all contribute to the narrative of an institution dedicated to shaping futures.

As the ceremony unfolded, it was evident that PCTL Training Institute, with its strong partnership with NCC Education, continues to play a vital role in empowering individuals, fostering academic excellence, and contributing to the ever-growing pool of global talent.