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NCC Education is proud to announce its strategic partnership with UK Colleges in Nepal.

Proud to welcome the new Accredited Partner Centre, UK Colleges to our Global Network.

This collaboration will see the two institutions combine their strengths, enhancing the diversity and quality of courses available to students worldwide. 

A highlight of this partnership is the introduction of the Level 7 Diploma in Business Management. Recognised for its advanced curriculum and industry relevance, the Level 7 Diploma is set to be a flagship offering, paving the way for students to excel in the business realm. 

UK Colleges is expanding their portfolio with the introduction of short courses tailored for the modern world.

These courses include: 

  • Computer Basics: Ideal for those looking to grasp fundamental computer skills in today’s digital age.  
  • Data Science: A deep dive into the world of big data, offering students the tools to navigate, analyse, and utilise vast sets of information.   
  • Cyber Security: With the rise of online threats, this course aims to arm students with the skills to protect and defend digital assets.   
  • Artificial Intelligence: Explore the mechanics behind AI and gain a foundational understanding of this revolutionary technology.


Speaking about the partnership, Sheetal Choraria, Director of Global Business Development said “This collaboration with UK Colleges represents a pivotal moment for NCC Education. Together, we are redefining the horizons of education, offering students contemporary courses that are not only relevant but essential in today’s ever-evolving world.” 

A UK Colleges spokesperson commented, ” Our hope for this partnership is to provide our students with access to high-quality, globally recognized qualifications such as the Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM). This qualification will enable our students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the competitive world of business. We aspire to empower our students with the tools they need to pursue successful careers and make valuable contributions to their respective industries.” 

This partnership between NCC Education and UK Colleges promises to set new benchmarks in international education. Students can look forward to an enriched learning experience, with courses that align with industry demands and future trends. 

For more information on the partnership or the courses offered, please contact the UK Colleges team in Nepal  directly at +977 9801 2242 82 or email them at ukcolleges@softedgroup.com