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UK Colleges Pvt Ltd


About the Centre 

UK colleges is a national and international network of higher education institutions offering a wide variety of courses to provide their students with international exposure, including Foundation, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree courses.  

Global partnerships with top-notch institutions doesn’t just bring exciting learning experiences to graduates, but also further diversifies the student body on campus. UK universities aim to achieve excellence in education by cultivating and recognizing student skills and talents in their respective fields of study.  

The courses we offer are both online and classroom-based. Also, we deliver UK professional qualifications as a dual degree advantage to the student. UK colleges incorporates all educational elements together to make the next generation of dynamic professionals well-equipped with the calibre to excel in the global business environment, and to that end, never remains behind when it comes to providing the students with the necessary international exposure. 


Qualifications offered

Short Course in Computer Basics

An introduction to the basic skills required in using word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software.

Short Course in Data Science

Understanding the theory behind Data Science and the methodologies that can be applied, will enable you to apply a forward-looking approach to past and current data and predict future outcomes.

Short Course in Cyber Security

Participants will gain knowledge of the fundamental principles, underlying theory and practical skills employed in securing information and networks.

Short Course in Artificial Intelligence

The Short Course in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is suitable for IT working professionals and graduates.

Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM)

The NCC Education Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM) is an Ofqual regulated qualification that will help you understand and apply up to date management theory and practice in the fields of marketing, information strategy, project management, finance, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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