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Expanding Horizons: NCC Education’s New Partnership with Zeyn Qoi in Kazakhstan

NCC Education is proud to announce its partnership with Zeyn Qoi and is especially excited to expand its worldwide presence by establishing its second accredited global collaboration in Kazakhstan. 

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with NCC Education, a global leader in British education and an esteemed awarding body,” said Khalykberdiyev Yakub, COO of Zeyn Qoi. “Zeyn Qoi’s commitment to nurturing young minds aligns seamlessly with NCC Education’s vision of providing internationally recognized qualifications to learners worldwide.” 

The partnership envisions a future where learners globally can realise their academic aspirations, fortified with recognised qualifications that open doors. Through this collaboration, students gain access to a streamlined route to education, bridging the gap between aspirations and accomplishments.  

“Our shared aspiration of fostering excellence and global citizenship is at the core of this partnership,” Yakub stated. “This collaboration further reinforces our commitment to enabling students to thrive academically and personally.”  

The partnership between NCC Education and Zeyn Qoi aims to empower emerging leaders and innovators, creating an impact on the educational landscape. By combining efforts, the organisations aim to equip learners with the skills needed to shape a better future.  

“Through united efforts, innovation, and shared principles, we aim to create a significant influence on education, empowering a diverse community of learners with the skills essential for shaping a better world,” said Yakub. “With NCC Education, we strive to bridge the gap between dreams and accomplishments, providing students with a robust foundation for success and personal growth.” 

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Please visit http://zeynqoi.kz/or email [email protected]