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NCC Education Announces New Accreditation Partnership with Universal College Bangladesh 

NCC Education is excited to announce a new accreditation partnership with Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), a leading transnational education institute in Bangladesh. This partnership marks a significant milestone in expanding global education opportunities. 

A spokesperson from UCB highlighted the potential of this partnership: “Bangladesh, amongst the fastest-growing top-10 economies globally, has seen a surge in demand for international education. With a population of around 175 million and a rising middle and affluent class, the nation’s per capita income has recently surpassed India’s. Annually, more than 1.3 million students graduate from schools, with about 50,000 joining international programs abroad. This creates a vast and underserved market for higher education. As Bangladesh’s per capita income increases, so does the interest in completing international degrees. As the pioneer transnational higher education provider in Bangladesh, UCB is well-placed to leverage this growing demand. The foundation program from NCC will provide a pathway for Bangladeshi students to access quality higher education in their chosen fields.” 

Established in 2021, UCB has quickly become Bangladesh’s premier provider of affordable international education. As the first international education provider approved by the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh, UCB is committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences. UCB transcends traditional academic boundaries, offering unique features and opportunities that set it apart. The college’s vision is to become a world-class institution that equips students with the skills necessary to become work-ready professionals, contributing to both social and economic development. UCB’s mission is to provide every student in Bangladesh access to international educational qualifications from world-leading institutions. The college nurtures students to become visionary leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs – the game-changers of tomorrow. With a focus on practical application, development of reasoning skills, and emotional understanding, UCB aims to prepare students for success in a global workspace, supporting lifelong learning and self-development. 

This partnership is a testament to both institutions’ commitment to providing exceptional education and expanding global learning opportunities. Universal College Bangladesh stands as a hub for nurturing visionary leaders and innovators, poised to become the game-changers of tomorrow. 

For more information on the partnership or the courses offered, please contact the team directly at +880189 601 3883 or email them at info@ucbbd.org