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Exploring Excellence: A Journey Through IBC Manchester, Our Esteemed NCC Education Partner Centre

We are excited to share the experiences from our recent visit to IBC Manchester, which are one of our valued NCC Education partner centres.

The visit was an opportunity for our Academic Standards Manager, Ide Wise, to carry out annual monitoring and engage in enlightening discussions about the centre’s accomplishments and challenges over the past academic year.

Ide was particularly eager to learn more about the performance of the students at IBC Manchester. Through open dialogue and detailed analysis,  Ide shared insights into the students’ achievements and areas of improvement. It was a profound moment of reflection on the accomplishments of the past year, and a constructive exploration of the paths to further growth and develop.

One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity to conduct a training session on managing academic misconduct. NCC Education believe that establishing strong and fair academic ethics is paramount in every educational institution, and we were thrilled to see the dedication of the IBC Manchester team, maintaining these values.

The visit concluded with a positive note from Ide Wise, who said “It was lovely to meet the team at IBC Manchester in person to reflect on the last academic year and celebrate the students’ success.”

This visit was another stepping stone in our ongoing collaboration with NCC Education partner centres. We look forward to more fruitful interactions in the future and are excited about the positive impact our joint efforts will have on students’ academic journeys.