Coronavirus and 2020 Assessments - NCC Education

Coronavirus and 2020 Assessments 26 March 2020


Centres are to follow the normal process for assignment submission. If there are any centres
who have any concerns regarding individual students’ ability to submit their completed
assignments on time, then they should speak with their Centre Support Executive who will
advise on the next steps.


Following the decision from the UK government to close schools and not go ahead with this
summer’s exams, our regulator Ofqual has made a further announcement on the actions
Awarding Organisations can take to ensure no student is disadvantaged.

Centres will be provided with the following three options for their students registered for

1. If the centre is open and a country is deemed safe, exams will take place as published within
NCC Education Activity Schedule. Please note that Activity Schedule are available to download
from Connect web portal under section: Activity Schedules and Examination Dates

2. Where Centres are closed and exams are not permitted due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
outbreak, NCC Education aims to ensure that we maintain the integrity of our grades for the
benefit of all students globally, while also supporting those students who have been affected by

All students will have the opportunity to receive a grade for qualifications where an entry has
been made.

NCC Education will continue to work with our regulator Ofqual as attached; Details of how
Grades will be awarded to ensure that this cycle’s students are not disadvantaged.

Further information on how to carry out the process will be sent on as soon as Ofqual has
published their guidance.

3. Postpone the assessment until the Autumn assessment cycle

If the Coronavirus situation persists in the Autumn assessment cycle, then the above would
apply again ensuring a consistent approach.

Level 6 Top-ups (University of Worcester, University of Central Lancashire, University
of Greenwich)
The partnerships team are in consultation with the above universities around the examination
component of the various programmes. An announcement will be sent soon directly to
centres that are accredited to offer these programmes.

If you have any concerns please contact your Centre Support Executive, or your Academic Development Manager.

Olivia Bussey
Head of Quality and Compliance