London College of United Knowledge starts 2019 with a brand new and state-of-the-art Campus in Kuwait offering NCC Education Qualifications - NCC Education

London College of United Knowledge starts 2019 with a brand new and state-of-the-art Campus in Kuwait offering NCC Education Qualifications 18 January 2019


Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait: London College of United Knowledge celebrated the New Year 2019 by launching its brand new and state-of-the-art campus in Sabah Al Salem in Kuwait.

The new Kuwait campus reflects the London College of United Knowledge’s continuous commitment to students in Kuwait to provide them with quality programmes that will enable them to achieve their academic goals in an environment that is designed to enhance their learning experience.

The modern, well-equipped facility offers an inspiring atmosphere, the most recent technological learning aids and has strict standards of safety and security.

Alfred Irshaid, Head of International Operations says: “We are committed to providing students here in Kuwait with the same high standard of education that they can receive with us in the UK.”




The new Kuwait Campus provides innovative and quality international programmes, delivered by professional teachers of high standard, in a variety of fields relating to language training and higher education programmes.

Opportunities for students of different ages and abilities include: General Language Training, IELTS, and Teacher Training, as well as the International Foundation Diploma (formerly called the International Foundation Year), as well as Level 4 and 5 in Business and Information Technology awarded by NCC Education, in addition to a brand-new local Foundation Programme which offers students progression to local universities in Kuwait.

The campus in Kuwait is a platform for students and teachers in Kuwait who wish to enjoy a UK standard of education whilst they are living in their own country; in addition, the institution is a bridge between Kuwait and our existing campus in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as well as with all our partner universities and academic institutions in the UK and around the world.

Troy Blankenship, Director of the London College of United Knowledge Press, says: “The International Foundation Diploma is not only a programme to offer students progression to universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, but it also trains students in the key academic skills that they have to master in order to succeed in their higher academic studies and which they have not acquired during their formative years.”

The London College of United Knowledge Kuwait uniquely offers its International Foundation Diploma students the opportunity to do part or all of their course at their Belfast Campus in the United Kingdom where they can gain the valuable real-life experience of living and studying in the UK, in addition to enjoying the culture and history of Northern Ireland while studying in multi-cultural classes.