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Vocational Education Reform Forum 20 November 2014

NCC Education is pleased to have been the main sponsor and key contributor to The Next Steps in Implementing Vocational Education Reform Forum. The event took place on Tuesday 18 November at the Royal College of Physicians, London.

Following the announcement of the Government’s new Skill Strategy in 2013 (Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills) plans have been made to speed up vocational educational reform in the UK. The Government has prioritised plans to ensure that the future workforce has the relevant and suitable skills to succeed in a modern working environment.

The forum allowed for discussion on the raising of standards in vocational education in the UK. Delegates also had the opportunity to engage in the analysis of best practice case studies. Sharon Bowden of Foxes Academy presented compellingly on Outstanding Vocational Training for Young Adults with SEND, while Ravinder Masih, Head of Villa in the Community, showcased Using Alternative Methods to Develop Key Vocational Skills – a case study involving Aston Villa Football Club. The event aimed to provide a better understanding of how to ensure vocational qualifications meet the needs of both young people and the workplace.

NCC Education’s Managing Director, Dawn Postans, presented to the forum and joined Lucy Nixon, Marketing Manager, in exhibiting during the event. Dawn Postans highlighted the important role of the Reform Forum, “Awarding organisations sit at the heart of qualification development. We need to ensure that strategies are in place to make qualifications available to students which are fit for purpose and fulfil the requirements of both the learner and future employers. As a whole we must demand the highest educational standards from vocational qualifications to ensure that their parity with academic qualifications such as A Levels is recognised”.

Of particular interest to delegates was the new NCC Education Level 2 Digi Award in Computing, NCC Education’s new qualification recognised on the National Qualifications (NQF) Framework. The qualification prepares students to be the next generation of digital innovators and has at its core the principles of employability, digital safety and vocational relevance. For more information on the The Next Steps in Implementing Vocational Education Reform Forum visit: www.insidegovernment.co.uk/event-details/vocational-education/387 and for information regarding NCC Education’s Level 2 Award in Computing visit here.