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Your Diploma, What Next? 20 October 2017


What jobs can I get with my Level 5 Diploma?

A Level 5 diploma in Business or Computing/IT can give you access to many different entry jobs and apprenticeships, such as a customer service advisor or an IT administrator. The expected salaries for these positions can range from £10,000 to £25,000.

However, without a decent amount of experience, it can be challenging to gain a higher-level position with a larger salary.

Therefore, depending on which career you would like, it may be wise to top-up your diploma into a degree.


How can I top-up my diploma into a degree?

Top-up courses can be studied online; allowing you to work independently at your own pace. This could be suitable for you if you have a busy lifestyle or commitments at home.

If you would rather study on campus, some universities in the UK (and overseas) offer guaranteed entry onto the third year of their course with a Level 5 Diploma. If you’re looking for a change of scenery and want to experience the university lifestyle, then this could be the route for you when you finish your diploma.


Why should I top-up my diploma?

Statistics show that in the UK, graduates are more likely to be employed than non-graduates. Of the young population in the UK (aged 21-30), 87% of graduates and 90% of postgraduates were employed, compared to only 73.3% of non-graduates.

Furthermore, according to The Department for Education (2017), young graduates (aged 21-30) were much more likely to be in high-skilled employment with greater salaries over those without degrees. 56% of graduates and 75.3% of postgraduates were in high-skilled employment in comparison to just 16.6% of non-graduates.

Consequently, the research points to a trend; graduates have access to better employment opportunities compared to those without degrees.


What about further study?

Once you have completed the top-up course and received your UK bachelor’s degree, it will be much easier for you to apply to do further study.

Universities have a great deal of academic scholarships to award to students, based on factors such as: their academic achievements, their home country and their financial status.

A lot of universities also offer progression scholarships, where if you studied with them for an undergraduate degree, you can get a discount for choosing to continue and study a postgraduate degree. For example, the University of Central Lancashire offer a 20% scholarship to students who have completed their top-up degree with them.


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